Universum Ideal Employer Survey Now Open

Have you thought about what you’re going to do when you graduate? Maybe you’ve put together a great resume, had some awesome internships and feel prepared, yet the thought of trying to find a job in this economy makes you a bit nervous. Don’t be!

Did you know that today’s top employers are just as worried about finding the right people as you are about finding the right job?

Universum wants to connect you with today’s top employers who are interested in hiring you directly out of school. To instruct them on how to hire you, please take this 10 minute survey.

Every student who participates will receive:
A free WetFeet Insider Guide to help brand yourself through social media
A special offer from Businessweek
The opportunity to win scholarships, internships and donate to some worthwhile charities

Please take a few minutes to share your insight. It could have a serious impact on the recruiting strategies of some of today’s most influential employers.

Click Here to participate. Results will be published Spring 2012.

Change Your GlobalConnect Filter to See More Jobs

In GlobalConnect, “Jobs” means only the positions in the system that employers will interview for OFF campus. “Interviews” means the job postings that employers will interview for ON campus. So, when you filter your search with “Jobs I qualify for,” you are only going to see the job postings for OFF campus interviews.

Instead, we recommend you filter your GlobalConnect search with “all Jobs and Interviews” so you will see both the positions that will interview off campus AND the positions that will interview ON campus.

Be sure you are looking at Jobs AND Interviews to see EVERY job for which you qualify! Otherwise, you may be missing out on opportunities for on-campus interviews.

Success Stories

This month we interviewed recent MA/MS grads Severin Nesselhauf and Nicola Taljaard. Click here for the CMC blog or click either of their names above for their specific interview.

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