The Start of the Next T-bird Legacy

By Mary Grace Richardson, Editor-in-Chief When I accepted an offer to be part of the Spring 2018 graduating class at Thunderbird, I wasn’t quite sure how the end of my time here would look. I didn’t know about the relationships we would form, the inimitable place we would call home, the goals that we would […]

The MAGAM Quest to Perfect

By Emily Wilcoxson, Guest Writer  Even though none of us will ever attain perfection, I believe we should all aim for it. Why should we aim for something that there’s little possibility in achieving you ask? Because at least that means we strived for the very best. If you set your bar low, you will […]

Maximizing Your Career Fair Adventure

By Bethany-Angel Chijindu, Staff Writer Over the past few weeks, students here at Thunderbird have gone to the different career fairs: some attended the ASU career fairs closer to home, while others went as far as Philadelphia for the NMBAA/Prospanica Career Fair. I was one of those who made the long journey to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, […]

Euromonitor: A Recent Alum’s Path to the Present

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor ‘Tis the season of company informational sessions. Whether virtual or in person, major shout-out to the CMC this year because there have been a lot of them. A wise person should make it a habit to attend these sessions as often as possible, but precisely because there are so many, the […]

Unique Networking Opportunity Opens Doors to T-Birds

By: Alina Buzgar, News & Features Editor On March 19, 2015, more than 60 T-Birds made the trip to Tempe to participate in the Spring Company Networking Night (CNN), a W.P. Carey event, where they had the opportunity to interact and network with companies, and apply to the open positions they currently offer. “[This event] […]

CMC + Clubs = Talent Pool

By: Gloria Liu, Staff Writer In a related article CMC Endeavors to Help, Even with Fewer Staff, I wrote about the moves that the CMC is contemplating. I reckon that since Helen Wu has reached out to club leaders about the spring career fair called “Talent Pool” on last Friday’s Club Day, more students may […]

CMC Endeavors to Help, Even with Fewer Staff

By: Gloria Liu, Staff Writer  It is exciting to attend upcoming career fairs at ASU’s various campuses, yet it is just as disappointing to see Thunderbird has none. Students graduating this May are anxious for full-time jobs, and students graduating this December are desperate for a summer internship. At a time when we are all […]

Be Selfish and Report

By Borijan Borozanov Over the last several months I noticed a very intriguing phenomenon. The activity levels of my peer students on LinkedIn (at least the ones I am connected to) significantly increased. I find this to be a strong indicator that many of us have made a conscious effort to execute a more structured […]

First Friday Feedback: Strategic Alliance Updates and More

Last week’s “First Friday Feedback” session was full of updates and specials guests.  Four board of trustee members were in attendance: Susan Stevens ’73, Ken Seward ’57, John Hendrickson and Chairwoman Ann Iverson. President Penley, and Professor Ram, President of the Faculty Senate, were also present for a productive discussion about three key issues on campus: Spring […]