Through the Eyes of a Performer: Americas Regional Night. Steven Arjonilla ’12 Shares His Experience at Regional Night.

What made you want to dance salsa?

I have always wanted to learn how to salsa and I wanted to take advantage of my time at Thunderbird and learn new things. But more importantly, I wanted to meet the ladies. Girls like guys who can dance, correct me if I’m wrong. (I didn’t correct him).

How was the preparation for the salsa performance?

We practiced five times for about two hours each time and it was dreadful. I could not figure out how to move my left foot from my right foot.  It should be easy to put your left foot in front of your right foot…but that felt confusing; there was a lot to think about. Our instructors, Megan Groves and Jeremy Perez were very patient. Jeremy teaches on Sunday nights at The Paragon in Tempe.

What advice do you have for other performers about how to cure stage fright?

Tequila shots. I took some shots before the performance to calm my nerves and even though I messed up a bit during the performance, my partner and I still looked cool.

How did participating in regional night compare to other regional nights you attended? Did you get a lot of attention from the ladies?

Compared to other regional nights, I had more fun and I want to perform again. However, dancing did not help with the ladies; at least, not yet. (If you were entranced by Steven’s dance moves, please let him know his efforts were not in vain).

What did it mean to you as a latino to perform at regional night?

Salsa is a big part of my family but I had never learned because I didn’t let my mom teach me. So it was great to learn an important part of my culture. One day, I will be a great salsero and I will make the ladies swoon. Salsa dancing will help me find the lady who makes me want to put a ring on it.

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