Rugby Club’s Publicity Stunt

Remember seeing clowns, mimes and more weirdos on campus, just over two weeks ago? In fact the cast ensemble was a clown, cowboy, English gentleman, mime, or a number of other random characters running around.  No, the circus hadn’t come to Thunderbird… at least not quite yet. The Thunderbird Rugby Club was filming an end of the […]

Proposal at the Gala: Thunderlove Continues On

This Gala will top all the previous Galas for being one of the most memorable galas. Why you ask? How often do you get to see your friend propose on Stage at an event like the Gala in front of over 200 people? This is what happened on Friday, December 14th at Hotel Valley Ho Scottsdale.  Alex […]

T-shirts Capture the Wisdom of Professor Dash

Global political economy students appreciated Professor Kishore Dash so much that they printed T-shirts with his likeness and threw a party for him on Dec. 12, 2012. The shirts, designed by Huijuan Guo ’13 with support from Patrick Mah ’13, include memorable quotes from Dash on the back — arranged in the shape of the […]

Week 13- TSG Bulletin

Dear T-birds, Firstly, I would like to congratulate the new TSG President Anisha Vinny and Vice President Anirrban Mukherjii, and wish them the best of luck in the Spring. DONATION DRIVE & MEAL CARD MONEY DONATION Date: Now until December 16, 2012 Location: Dorm lounges and the Commons Host: TSG Thanks to Brett Davis and […]

Das Tor means Business

Has everyone met the Das Tor team this Trimester? They have been working all day, everyday, tracking the events, the students who participate in these events and pestering everyone to provide us with information so that we can give you what is relevant. After having worked two Tri’s as an Editor for Das Tor, I am pleased […]

The Rumour Mill

The Das Tor team has been speaking with students recently to try and discover what seem to be the most popular, believable rumours that are spreading around on campus. Sadly, this is going to be a clean spill and no personal stories will be covered. Rumour 1: The most popular and longest rumor of all […]

Thunderous FORAD defenses

The legendary FORAD defenses held last week was the long awaited grand finale for each of the 6 teams of Multinational Corporate Finance from Professor Michael H. Moffett’s class. Yes, final exams are not over yet but with no doubt, the relief experienced after the end of defense was unfathomable! So what is the big […]

Goodbye Regional Night…..for now

Saturday evening saw the Thunderbird community converge at the TEC for the third and final Regional Night of the trimester. And what a night it was! Dedicated to the countries of Asia, the event was filled with vibrant colours and flowing costumes. The food was rich in flavour, as were the diverse performances throughout the […]

From the Archives

By Shannon Walker On exhibit this month in the Thunderbird Archives is “Thunderbird Field #1: the Cadet’s Experience.” The aim of this collection of materials is to illustrate what daily life was like for cadets during their primary training here at Thunderbird field during World War II. On exhibit are articles, photographs, and written correspondence […]

Welcome, President Penley!

This past Thursday, students were given the treat of a fun-filled Meet & Greet with our schools new President, Dr. Larry Penley in the Pavilion during dead hour. Upon completion of the hectic final day of classes, students gathered around the Pavilion where they were surprised with a delicious feast of foods and desserts from […]