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Proposal at the Gala: Thunderlove Continues On

This Gala will top all the previous Galas for being one of the most memorable galas. Why you ask?

703291_10151144925297111_1349709993_oHow often do you get to see your friend propose on Stage at an event like the Gala in front of over 200 people? This is what happened on Friday, December 14th at Hotel Valley Ho Scottsdale.  Alex (Mengwei Yin) proposed to his long term girlfriend Joy (Jing Ma). They both belong to the  MS in Global Management Class of Fall 2012. They had met on the campus of Purdue University as they had commenced their undergraduate studies in the US. As years passed, their love only grew stronger, bringing them even closer as they began their next phase as Thunderbirds, pursing a post graduate degree.

Hear from the soon to be Groom, Alex (Mengwei Yin):

According to my dad, philosophy will change people’s lives since it will bring people’s thinking to a higher level. Yes, philosophy is life-changing I admit but I see it through a different way. Joy and I met when we were in a philosophy class back in Purdue University. The class is boring and most importantly, I know it was never designed for bad students like me. So in order to pass thephoto course, I need a good student, like Joy, to be my teammate. Then, I finally realized that how life-changing the philosophy class can be because it is it brought Joy and me together and eventually became lovers. The best thing of meeting Joy is I would never had to worry about my grade since she is such a good teacher to me. Thus, after finished our undergraduate school, we came to Thunderbird to pursuit our MS degrees. The heat in Arizona really made me doubt if I came to the right place. But soon enough, I totally changed my mind. Joy and I met a whole group of amazing classmates and professors and we just spent a wonderful one and half year here. In my mind, Thunderbird is like a big family that people are from everywhere in the world. Therefore, I am thinking maybe my marriage proposal in Global Gala will be brought by people and traveled across countries. So maybe one day, the whole world will know Alex, the guy from China, is going to get married.

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