Rugby Club’s Publicity Stunt

Remember seeing clowns, mimes and more weirdos on campus, just over two weeks ago?

In fact the cast ensemble was a clown, cowboy, English gentleman, mime, or a number of other random characters running around.  No, the circus hadn’t come to Thunderbird… at least not quite yet.

The crew

The Thunderbird Rugby Club was filming an end of the trimester video to be used as an exciting memory, and a promotional tool for current students and alumni.  The team hired a professional video-grapher to shoot what will become a 2-minute video featuring around 20 members of the Thunderbird Rugby Club.  Memorable scenes include clowns being tackled into the pool by speedo-wearing Europeans, mimes attacking Mexican Luchadores at the Commons, and a giant slip-n-slide jump set-up on the Thunderbird lawn.  The video is currently being edited and is set to be released in January.  We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s ready!  Until then, the campus is once again safe from the shenanigans of Thunderbird Rugby.

IMG_0051 IMG_0053

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