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How to get out of Glendale

Thunderbird is typically a new beginning for students, and why not accompany this new beginning with some new friends? The majority of Thunderbird students live on campus, and don’t allow themselves the opportunity to meet others throughout the Phoenix community. Thus, as a native, I am here to open up T-Birds to the many opportunities that await us!

1) Start a new workout regimen

What’s better than meeting someone in a gym? You’re already sweaty with no make up on, might as well make it a level playing field. Not only are you getting yourself in shape, but you’re also able to forge lasting relationships with people that share the same level of dedication as yourself. What do you have to lose? Join a local Pure Barre, LA Fitness or boxing gym!

2) Go to the Farmer’s Market

Do you like to eat green and support the local community? Head to a farmer’s market! Though we live in a desert oasis, there are plenty of local farmer’s markets throughout the week in Phoenix, with many being located in and around Glendale! Check out the website arizonafarmersmarkets.com to find a market near you!

3) Dog Parks

OK, I know most graduate students don’t have dogs, but find one! Phoenix has wonderful dog parks, and they are breeding grounds for friends (and dates!). There are three dog parks in the Glendale area, as well as many throughout Phoenix. Foothills Park is located at 57th Avenue and Union Hills and has a three-dog per visit limit.

4) First Friday

Every first Friday of the month, local artists and entertainers line the streets of downtown Phoenix to showcase their ideas and creations. First Fridays is a great time to head down to downtown Phoenix and wander around, cruise the local pubs and have a good time with a buddy, as well as meet a friend or two!

5) Go Hiking

Phoenix is a mecca for hiking enthusiasts, with trails available all around the valley. Squaw Peak and Camelback are by far the most popular trails in central Phoenix, offering splendid views of the valley. Feeling adventurous? Head down to South Mountain and hike a few trails, or travel out to Scottsdale and hike Tom’s Thumb. You never know who you can meet on the trails!

These are just several examples of ways to meet people in the Phoenix area, and is by no means an exhaustive list! Get on out there and make new experiences for yourself, whether it be through getting physical on Squaw Peak or kicking back with a beer at First Friday!

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