The Weekly Substandard: Birth Control Done Wrong

Jill: All right Jack, I found us a rather serious topic this week: pregnancy and birth control. Canadian drug manufacturer Apotex has issued a recall over a batch of 50,000 generic birth control pills that may contain two weeks of the sugar placebo pills, instead of the normal one-week supply of placebos. Apotex has contacted […]

Eggs, Pastels, and Bunnies… Oh My!

By Nicole Johnson What is this intoxicating holiday of pastels, deviled eggs and chocolate bunnies that we Americans call “Easter”? Easter is more than just an excuse to eat ham and go on an Easter egg hunt; in fact, Easter marks the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary […]

St. Patrick’s Day 2013

When most Americans think of March, they immediately think of St. Patrick’s Day. Friends decide which bars they are going to day drink at, pubs begin to stock up on Guinness and Irish whiskey, and girls decide what article of green clothing they choose to wear this year. What most people don’t think about, however, […]

Where Am I?

By Kelly Swanson Friday Feb 15 2013 6:00AM. Making breakfast for my birthday girl, my wife. 7:00AM. Boxing and working out in the garage. 7:45AM. Shower 8:00AM. Eat 9:00AM. Leave for train to SFO Airport 10:00AM. On the train reading homework. 11:00AM. I am about to board a plane as I am writing from the […]

8 things to have with you for the next Phoenix freak storm

In case Phoenix experiences another freak storm, such as the snow storm that occurred last week, I would like to make sure that all T-Birds are fully prepared. Thus, I have put together an exhaustive list of items that I think will come in handy during the next haboob or snow storm here in the […]

The Weekly Substandard: Relationship Retail

Jill: Jack and I decided that perhaps it is time that we redeem ourselves after our last two articles were a bit… ermmm…. Anyway, how about this gem: Fake Facebook Girlfriends. The Atlantic published an exposé detailing, a website offering such services. You’ve got to love it- social media has stooped to a new […]

MBA+ Video Challenge

Two years ago, Thunderbird students took home the top prize. Could this be the year when Thunderbird students take home the top prize once again? There is just one week left for students to get their videos together for the 3rd annual MBA+ challenge video contest, a contest put on by the Global Business School […]

The Weekly Substandard: A Good Jack Makes a Good Jill

Jack: Durex is introducing condom delivery in Dubai. Before we gorge ourselves in hearty business analysis, we should set some boundaries. In order to establish credibility and maintain a respectable level of maturity, we should refrain from making any more than one sexual innuendo, euphemism or pun throughout this dialogue. That being said, let’s bone […]

It’s that time of year… ThunderLove!

It’s that time of year, you know, the time of year that most boyfriends dread (no, not an anniversary). It’s the time of year when all girls get pink pedicures, every other commercial on television is from a jeweler, and the price of chocolate sky rockets. It’s Valentine’s Day! Not sure what to do yet […]

How to get out of Glendale

Thunderbird is typically a new beginning for students, and why not accompany this new beginning with some new friends? The majority of Thunderbird students live on campus, and don’t allow themselves the opportunity to meet others throughout the Phoenix community. Thus, as a native, I am here to open up T-Birds to the many opportunities […]