8 things to have with you for the next Phoenix freak storm


In case Phoenix experiences another freak storm, such as the snow storm that occurred last week, I would like to make sure that all T-Birds are fully prepared. Thus, I have put together an exhaustive list of items that I think will come in handy during the next haboob or snow storm here in the valley!

8. iPhone
Lets be realistic- we know that Androids aren’t as fast as iPhones, and you want to make sure you are the first of your 5,327 friends who posts 9 pictures of the bizarre Phoenix weather on Facebook, Instagram, and various other media outlets.

7. A good book
If you are in your car during the next Phoenix freak storm, I hope you brought a book, because traffic will be at least 10 times worse than normal.

6. Vodka
See above.

5. Lipstick
You never know who the wind will blow in!

4. Non-perishable food items
Little do people know, the rain that comes into the Valley is actually poisonous (or at least people act like it is). Thus, it is essential that you have items such as canned sweet corn, spaghettios and Spam. Never know how long the rain is going to last, and it simply is not safe to go out in this kind of weather. Rain is not something to mess with.

3. Umbrella
Pretty obvious, right? You can use it to bat at the golf ball sized hail.

2. New set of windshield wipers
I guarantee the ones on your car won’t work. We use them once a year. The other 364 days, they rot in the sun and go bad. I promise.

1. Snow tires
I was incredibly alarmed by the lack of preparedness after this last freak storm. People carelessly driving around WITHOUT snow tires is just plain dangerous.

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