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Goodbye Regional Night…..for now

Saturday evening saw the Thunderbird community converge at the TEC for the third and final Regional Night of the trimester. And what a night it was! Dedicated to the countries of Asia, the event was filled with vibrant colours and flowing costumes. The food was rich in flavour, as were the diverse performances throughout the night.

Hosts Giang Pham, Patrick Mah and Monica Zhou started the proceedings with some witty banter, setting the tone for a fun-filled evening.

The performances kickstarted with a very entertaining Japanese dance, followed by a traditional Taiwanese dance. Adrenalin-filled martial arts were up next, with a very dangerous-looking kung-fu dance performance catching the audience by surprise. Thailand was the next country on the map, with a dance & a very realistic Muay Thai performance.

Deviating from the dances and fights, a group of singers crooned some very melodious numbers for the Karaoke Song Series. This was followed by an aesthetic Vietnam dance, in which the performers used traditional Vietnamese hats to create some exquisite patterns.

The soothing effect was short-lived however, with ThunderDance taking over to get the audience tapping to some fast-paced beats. The upbeat tempo kept rising with Bollywood numbers up next, starting with some melodramatic acting that was quickly turned into a breathtaking dance – in true Bollywood style. The evening ended with ThunderDance taking over the stage again, but this time joined by almost half the audience!

The night seemed to end way too quickly, and served as a perfect reminder of why Regional Nights are the most attended events at Thunderbird. It’s going to be a long wait until the next trimester and the next Regional Night….

Media from the event:

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