The Rumour Mill

The Das Tor team has been speaking with students recently to try and discover what seem to be the most popular, believable rumours that are spreading around on campus. Sadly, this is going to be a clean spill and no personal stories will be covered.

Rumour 1: The most popular and longest rumor of all that has been going around this school concerns the Indian autocracy in TSG. Supposedly, a majority of the Indians on campus get together on a quarterly basis to select the set of TSG leaders for the next Tri. The meeting is said to be filled with some wobbling and lots of spicy food. Statistics have not been able to disprove the existence of this autocracy in the TSG leadership, with most of the current leadership being of Indian origin.  One will only have to apply and work with the team to know what really goes around behind all the eating and wobbling.

The TSG is keen to clarify is that they simply do not receive enough applications for key posts!

Rumour 2: The Glendale Police department has just received an award for being the most frequent visitor of  Thunderbird School of Global Management. Does anyone actually know why? The last time they visited, it seemed pretty important. Cops were seen walking into the pub with blinding flashlights searching for our pub licenses and trying their best to be party poopers. The supposed reasons behind their Grinch-iness was that the pub was over capacity and students were misbehaving more than usual. Threatened with having the Asian Regional Night cancelled, Global Sounds withdrew from playing and promised to return next Tri with a bang. Not stopping at that, the police have now slapped Thunderbird with a zero-noise tolerance, which means that on your walk back from the Pub to west dorms after a great pub night, you got to keep sssshhhh!

Rumour 3: BOOOOOOOM! We all know that you have always wondered what that empty land is used for that encompasses the perimeter of the campus. No, it is actually not there for the amusement of squirrels and gophers*–it is actually called the “ThunderMines”. It is true. The ground is riddled with landmines. Back in the day, when our campus was a military training station, landmines were put in the desert ground in order to facilitate local training programs for our soldiers. Now folks, lookout and after a long night at the Pub, don’t go wandering!

* and coyotes too now, according to Harshit Shah!

Rumour 4: Word on the street (and when I say streets, I mean those awkwardly situated cement paths that just don’t seem to get you where you want to go in the most direct way possible) is that our very own Thunderbird campus has been infiltrated by approximately five spies sent here to discover what form of future leaders the school is preparing. These spies have been placed in order to one day take down the global political economy in order to begin a revolutionary new world order… We suppose, only time will tell.

Disclaimer: This article is based majorly on hearsay, and may not be 100% accurate. If you think you know the truth, feel free to write in to us at:

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