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Be a Campus Ambassador this Tri

Thunderbird Campus Ambassadors is a student led organization that works closely with the Recruiting and Admissions offices at Thunderbird. These volunteers bridge the divide between the institution and prospective students, corporate partners and the public.

Campus Ambassadors Activities Include:

  • Meeting with future students
  • Class visits
  • Thunderbird Preview Weekends
  • Campus Tours
  • Webinars and Online Chats
  • Representation at other Thunderbird Events

As an Ambassador, you may simply be the contact via phone or e-mail for a prospective student to ask questions about life as a student at Thunderbird. In addition, Ambassadors are representatives of the institution to the student body. We promote loyalty and school spirit. Significantly, the Ambassadors play a very active role in helping the admissions office selecting the next entering class of Thunderbird students.

From your own experience, you know how important input from current students can be in choosing a source of information. We also rely on the Ambassadors to provide insight into the character and unique qualities of the prospective students.

Campus Ambassadors are chosen through an application process each trimester. For more information, please contact Niky Chokshi, Global Community Engagement Manager, at 602.978.7486 or niky.chokshi@thunderbird.edu.


Anirrban Mukherjii (1)

Anirrban Mukherjii – Specialty Events and Class Visits Leader (anirrban.mujkerjee@global.t-bird.edu)

Benny Axt (1)Benny Axt – Campus Preview Weekend Leader (baxt@global.t-bird.edu)

Karan PasseyKaran Passey – Friday Tour Leader (karan.passey@global.t-bird.edu)

Niky ChokshiNiky Chocksi – Global recruiting (Niky.Chokshi@global.t-bird.edu)

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