Week 9- TSG Bulletin

Dear T-birds,

Americas Regional Night was a blast, with music, dancing, and fun performances. If you weren’t there, don’t miss the next one (info coming soon) and don’t miss out on helping TSG collect donations for Hurricane Sandy victims.

The money raised will benefit the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy relief fund, as the ARC responds with humanitarian relief (http://rdcrss.org/TeCudM). Since many of you are gone this weekend, we’ve decided to extend the foundation until next Friday, when we will announce the total donation amount at our public TSG Board meeting (LH53 @1pm).

Much appreciation to Allison Martyn, who presented this idea to TSG. She has shown how one person can set a great example through compassion and collaboration.

TSG Updates

Message from Security and TSG

  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times
  • Lock your doors and windows when not at home
  • Know your neighbor because you have to watch out for each other (off campus residences primarily)
  • Report suspicious people or vehicles to security or the Police if off campus
  • On vehicles, we document license plates to give to the Police if needed
  • Lock your vehicles always
  • Do not leave personal items in your car in plain view
  • When getting in your vehicle lock the doors first and then start the car
  • People get comfortable within a mile of their residence because it is their comfort zone
  • You need to be alert until in the residence and secured
  • Remember bad guys are opportunists and they try to blend into places with a lot of people
  • STAY ALERT!!!!!

Treasurer’s Review Video
Host: Martena Kusz

In an effort to provide the Treasurer’s Review (held in September) to future clubs and associations, the current TSG Treasurer created a video presentation, which reviews budgetary procedures — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frx8cdSOAUQ

Date: Saturday, November 17, 2012
Host: TSG (Josephine Chiang and Brittany Baria)

Thanks to those of you who signed up through the survey. Your team lead should have emailed you by now with info about your project. If you haven’t received any notification, please contact Josephine at jochiang@global.t-bird.edu.

GBSN MBA Challenge
Can an MBA change the world? The annual Global Business School Network video contest isn’t for several months, but students can start planning now on their submission. The contest allows MBA students to show how they’re applying their business school education to make a difference in the developing world.
In 2011, a group of Tbirds had won first place and were able to attend the GBSN conference in Mexico City! Here is a link to see this past year’s videos: http://www.gbsnonline.org/?page=videos_mbachallenge

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