B-school and Technology


Everyone knows it. B-school is one crazy place. Packed schedules and information overload. That poor brain of yours gets deep-fried every single day! Luckily for us Gen Y students, technology has made life a whole lot easier (we’ll talk about how technology is a boon here). Here’s a list of applications you can use on multiple devices to manage your busyness-school life. Use ‘em, abuse ‘em, but they will save your a** when you forget to work on that assignment due tomorrow morning.

Google Calendar
Trusted. Faithful. Create, share, use wherever, whenever, sync with other non-Google calendars. The best thing ever.

Google Drive
Create and edit documents, presentations, spreadsheets, forms, surveys. The whole deal. Put up all your stuff on the free 5GB storage space, because it is easier to access from any device, anytime. Course packs, group project folders, everything. Another alternative for cloud storage is Dropbox.

A universal, cross-platform versatile note application. Take picture notes, voice notes, or simply use it in class or to keep track of several to-do lists.

Have a bunch of those business cards from your networking escapades? Taken pictures of the card but don’t have them consolidated? Fear not, CardMunch is here! It simply scans the card and converts the information into contacts.

Don’t know which article you wanted to read because you have 10,000 bookmarked pages? Save long web pages to read later using Instapaper. Of course, you would use most of these applications for the rest of your career and to manage your personal lives as well. What works for you? Technology or plain ol’ pen and paper? Do you know of better apps than the ones mentioned above? Leave a comment below!

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