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Studies, Stress & Snacks


And we’re back to finals week. Good luck everybody! Make sure you keep  your mind and belly full. Study and thy mind shall be full of knowledge. But you need to keep your tummy full enough too to run the finals marathon and allay the stress that comes with it! The golden word here is snacking. Smart, healthy snacking. Here’s how:

Sugary satisfaction

No more chocolates, cookies, ice cream. Say hi to Fig Newtons, fruits, banana bread, cereal and cereal bars, sugar free jello, dark chocolate, trail mixes, yogurt parfait and frozen yogurt.

Caffeine cravings

Tea and coffee are fine, but in moderation. Switch to green, white or black tea. Water works too!

Fizzy fixations

Coke, Red Bull. No! Try fruit or vegetable juice!

Fried food fondness

Say bye bye to Lays. Go Baked or get pita and hummus, veggies and a healthy dip. Popcorn is a great option for mindless eating.

Most of the above are within an arm’s reach at the Commons too. Okay that’s made me hungry now. Time for a snack!

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