Fall Volleyball Tournament

Courtesy: Thunderbird Volleyball Club
Courtesy: Thunderbird Volleyball Club

The Thunderbird Net Impact Chapter partnered with the volleyball club to host a volleyball tournament yesterday at the YMCA. It was a bright sunny Saturday and they were making the most use of it. The tournament was held from 1-5 pm and there were 10 teams competing to win the tournament and the ‘best – dressed team’ title. Some of the family and friends were also present on the ground, as spectators, to encourage the participants.

Enthusiastic t-birds, armed with flashy t-shirts and shorts, were practicing furiously before the start of the tournament. Refreshment stall was situated in a corner to boost the drained players. Money collected from the proceedings of the event will be contributed to fund the Global Citizen Forum in March, a two-day conference hosting over 20 speakers here on campus.

When some of the contestants were asked to share their feelings about the game, Patrick Merchant said, “It feels great to play. The money is for a good cause and it makes things even better. It is a nice time to put on your beach clothes and my friend here gets to wear a Speedo!” Rising Phoenix, one of the ten teams, just after winning their first match commented, “We are obviously feeling great. It is just like group studying as it involves excessive team work. It is more like putting theory into practice. We get to actually learn strategy, leadership, etc. outside the classroom”. ‘Prom-inators’ was declared as the winners and ‘Sand at awkward places’ won the best dressed team.

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