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The Ethical Frontier – Thunderbird Ethics Panel

IMG_0401On the 7th of November, Thunderbird Honor Council organized “The Ethical Frontier”, an ethics panel on operating a controversial business.  Lauren H. Carson, Founder & Managing Partner of Patient First Initiative, Bryan Howard, President of Planned Parenthood of Arizona, and Dottie Watson, Senior Director of Sales for Paychex Insurance Agency were present as guests and Dr. Michael Finney, Associate Professor of International Management acted as a moderator.

When questioned about how controversies impact business, the guests felt that controversies were mainly due to the lack of clarity in the rules laid by federal and state governments. As money is involved in most of these controversies, they might at times increase the cost of the service. A rational decision that zealously concentrates on the benefits of both consumers and stakeholders must be taken. However, all the guests said adhering to regulations is mandatory and shows sense of responsibility.

Lauren, one of the guests, is responsible for strategy, political outreach, and policy development & administration for a medical marijuana cultivation cooperative. She was enquired about the legal issues that she faces in her business and to this, she advised that the executives must always comply to work in a code of ethics and they must always follow both state laws and federal laws that are applicable.

The guests were asked about sustained growth of such businesses, they answered that the organizations must focus on long-term goals and must choose leaders as well as new employees with ethical values. Lastly, when questioned on social responsibilities and advertising them, they recommended supporting a cause that the organization completely believes in, and not just because it is sensational.

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