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The Thunderbird Stories Project

51yDoSoUTTLDo you know what the Thunderbird Stories Project is? If not, rush right away to the ThunderShop and buy a copy!

The Thunderbird Stories Project was created by a group of Thunderbird ’11 students: Joe Fuyuno, Jessi Bellama, Ben Neblock  and Monika Stoeffl to create a community of stories and storytellers, bringing people together across continents and years to share in the experience of the Thunderbird mystique via a book called the Thunderbird Stories Project. Volume 1 of the book was launched on the milestone 11/11/11 weekend.

Having read the book myself, I can guarantee that this book will be a good read and truly captures the essence of being a T-bird. It is interesting to know what alums from recent times and from the days of yore have experienced and done through Thunderbird. Despite the incredible Thunderbird alumni network, most of us would not have the privilege to meet the people behind these incredible stories and hear their travel tales and ThunderExperiences in person.

The idea for this anthology was born on a bus ride in China during one of Thunderbird’s “winterims,” the three-week courses sandwiched between fall and spring trimesters. It started as a casual conversation among students and professors sharing travel adventures, when the idea struck the editors: how great it would be if we could collect and preserve these stories. Every Thunderbird has cross-cultural stories to share. Indeed, it is these stories that tie Thunderbirds together across time and continents. Regardless of where in the world Thunderbirds meet, stories are always part of the conversation, be it at the Pub, in the airport, on a bus, or after a meeting. Jessi Bellama’11, one of the project editors, was on campus this week representing Booz Allen Hamilton, and it was great talking briefly about the book with her.

Do you have a Thunderbird story to share? Let us know!


To learn more about the Thunderbird Stories Project, visit the following links:


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