Update 12/6

Hello T-birds, Let me start this week’s update with a special note of thanks to all of you who attended this morning’s Student Feedback Session. Your attendance was appreciated, your input was heard and is extremely important – thanks especially for getting up so early on a Friday morning. Starting after Winter Break, we’ll host […]

The Thunderbird Stories Project

Do you know what the Thunderbird Stories Project is? If not, rush right away to the ThunderShop and buy a copy! The Thunderbird Stories Project was created by a group of Thunderbird ’11 students: Joe Fuyuno, Jessi Bellama, Ben Neblock  and Monika Stoeffl to create a community of stories and storytellers, bringing people together across continents and […]

Week 6 – TSG Bulletin

Hey T-birds! We have a few updates for this week so bear with us! And, hope everyone’s finals have and are going well. Good luck! Give your feedback to the CMC Over the past few weeks, many excellent opportunities on Global Connect from various MNCs have received limited or no applications. The CMC needs our […]


For many of us, this weekend marks the end of a summer vacation or the end of a summer semester. But here in Glendale, we must remember that the end is only to the vacation or the semester – not the summer itself! As we greet yet another week of triple-digit temperatures, Das Tor brings […]