For many of us, this weekend marks the end of a summer vacation or the end of a summer semester. But here in Glendale, we must remember that the end is only to the vacation or the semester – not the summer itself!

As we greet yet another week of triple-digit temperatures, Das Tor brings you 5 handy T-Bird tips to help you survive the Arizona heat:Innovative trees

1. Dress well: You’ve been told 100 times that going to business school means that you have to be in a suit ALL the time. But you’ll soon learn that business thrives on common sense, and that means making appropriate exceptions to the rule. Contrary to popular belief, you CAN actually dress smartly and be smartly dressed at the same time – buy the new Polo’s available at the ThunderShop. Still in doubt? Check out the beautiful Palo Verde trees behind the IBIC – they made an exception and decided to have green trunks!

2. Drink well: Heat dehydrates. Water hydrates. As simple as that. Drink lots of water – invest in a fancy Thunderbird bottle (available at the ThunderShop) and fill it with water from one of the many water dispensers across campus. Avoid carbonated drinks; instead drink smoothies or juices (both available at the Commons).

3. Sweat well: If you’re going to sweat in the heat anyway, why not have fun while doing it? Rugby practice starts at 4:30 pm on Tuesday, and is open to everyone!

4. Relax well: If you’re done with classes for the day and just want to do something relaxing, take a dip in the swimming pool next to the A-dorms. Swim, stand, float, lounge – it’s a great way to stay fit and cool at the same time!

5. Stay indoors: If you’re too attached to your suit, too lazy to play rugby and have a bad case of hydrophobia, do not fret! You can still survive the heat simply by staying indoors a lot. Before you start to think that this sounds like a formula for Business School disaster, remember that the IBIC has great air-conditioning and lots of business books!

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