What I Learned From Rugby

by Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer   I was never much for team sports. Volleyball, softball, basketball, and competitive swimming all courted me, and one by one they had their hearts broken. By the time I came to Thunderbird, I had long given up on the idea that I would be part of a team sport—until […]

Block and Tackle: How to Prevent Overcommitting

By Mary Grace Richardson, Co-Editor I love things like this, I thought when Professor Suzanne Peterson assigned our class to participate in feedback evaluations. For those unfamiliar with the class “Managing People from a Global Perspective,” we were required to reach out to 5-10 people in our network (friends, family, colleagues, former bosses, classmates, etc.) […]

RAW: “Old Boys” vs. “New Boys” Rugby Showdown

By Alex Marino, Staff Writer RAW! No better acronym could capture the physical and emotional clash between Thunderbird’s “Old Boys” and “New Boys” rugby clubs. At Thunderbird, it’s a time honored tradition for rugby alumni and current students to line up for battle on the pitch and match grit while building comradery. The “Old Boys” […]


For many of us, this weekend marks the end of a summer vacation or the end of a summer semester. But here in Glendale, we must remember that the end is only to the vacation or the semester – not the summer itself! As we greet yet another week of triple-digit temperatures, Das Tor brings […]

Thunderbird Rugby Sweeps ASU, UA

The Thunderbird Rugby Club dominated teams from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona during a tournament Oct. 29, 2011, at the campus pitch in Glendale, Arizona. Thunderbird beat the ASU team 22-10 in the morning and then shut out Arizona 35-0 in the afternoon. The 23-and-under group from Tempe Rugby Club beat Thunderbird […]