globeWell, my first trimester at Thunderbird has almost come to a close. It’s been a long, and sometimes grueling, thirteen weeks (and a few weeks during the summer in Argentina), and I’m looking forward to a few weeks of relaxation.

Having come to Thunderbird for the “globalness” it represents, I feel that I have received what I’ve paid for (well, borrowed) in that regard. The summer language abroad program in Argentina was one of the better experiences of my life, and all my new friends from all points on the map make Glendale somewhat bearable.

But, I’ve also found some unexpected nuisances in my Thunderbird experience. The Laureate drama that tore through our campus like a tornado was an unwelcome surprise. Not to pick sides on the issue, but I believe most of my cohort will agree with me in saying that the public relations debacle that followed after the announcement could have been severely mitigated.

I’ve also had issues that I mentioned in last week’s article, like registration issues and lack of communication about important date changes. The bad news is that these issues continue to happen everyday on our campus. The good news is that they are completely fixable. We can’t fix the weather or Glendale, but we certainly can improve the way the school is run.

So, here’s to a promising and successful 2014 at Thunderbird. I think many on campus wish to put 2013 behind them, but here’s hoping we can at least reflect, adjust, and improve on the choices made on behalf of Thunderbird and its students. The entire Thunderbird community will benefit.

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