Page from a T-bird’s diary

Courtesy: Thunderbird School of Global Management
Courtesy: Thunderbird School of Global Management

B-schools – you may have seen them, heard about them from friends but you need to be in one to fully understand what it is really like. It is hard to believe that one whole trimester has passed by in the wink of an eye. From Foundations to last term finals, the journey has been both educative and enjoyable (putting the Laureate issue aside!).

Looking back, the photo session for student IDs seems awhile ago and we have come a long way since then. Coffee mugs, IBIC study rooms, and team meetings that last till midnight – the terrific combo that most of us got acquainted with. Word blows and short term tiffs that taught us most about culture gaps and effective communication than any of the classroom sessions could have. Language, opinions, and countries of origin came what may, tried to divide us, but we were patched up again by peer evaluation! Career fairs, interviews, pitch preparations, and resume writing taught us more marketing skills than our professors. And as for the take away from accounting course – well, let’s not go there!

There were hectic days when most e-mails would go unnoticed and all missed calls would not be returned. Most of those days had piles of notes adorning study tables and unfinished assignments open on laptops. Nevertheless, none of these could stop some of them from rushing to the YMCA or basketball court. Complaints about overpriced Commons food, Pub Thursdays, Regional Nights, barbecues at the Fish – we dare not miss any of those! With the hot sunny days in the beginning and the pleasant kicking of winter now, the Thunderbird Fall trimester was a home for many such memories. On the happy note of parting for the winter break, we all hope that Spring trimester also holds many such surprises in stock.

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