With Changes Come New Opportunities for T-birds

Source of Photo: albfoundation.org

By Mackenzie Pedersen, Staff Writer Thunderbirds, unfortunately, must face the facts: the Arizona sun is setting upon the Thunderbird campus. This bittersweet change has arrived faster than expected. Regardless of the pain associated with leaving what is known, Thunderbirds will make Downtown Phoenix their new home. Moreover, with change comes incredible opportunity! The staff of […]

Better Know a Prof: Janet Samuels

By: Marissa Burkett, Audio/Visual Editor The Thunderbird community will be bidding farewell to Professor Janet Samuels, Assistant Professor of Accounting, after the summer trimester. Beginning in the fall, she will take a full-time position at W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU. “I’m excited and sad. Because I really love teaching MBAs and graduate […]

Embracing Change at Thunderbird

By Giacomo Paccione Change, the Business Dictionary defines it as “to make something different.” This word has been used in these past days, weeks, and months here at Thunderbird School of Global Management. This is a word that usually instils a negative reaction among the involved. A word that pertains uncertainty and fear. A word […]

A Das Tor Farewell…

My Thunderbird Community, I’m going to start this out with letting you all know (hopefully it’s just a reminder) that Das Tor will not be in publication over the summer. Unfortunately, with the low amount of students on campus over summers, we do not run the newspaper during this time. The paper will see you […]

The Road After Graduation

By Borijan Borozanov I will be graduating in a week. Some will say–finally, it was about the time to get rid of the annoying Macedonian. Having in mind that this is my last article, I will take the liberty to make a more personal message to my graduation class of ’14, so please bear with […]

The Power of an Innovation Junkie: Beth Comstock at Thunderbird

One handshake from Ms. Beth Comstock and you know that you are speaking to an extraordinary person. Her career has led her from quiet beginnings in Virginia, to stints at CBS and NBC where she became President of Integrated Media at NBC Universal, and onward to GE, where, in 2003, she was appointed the first Chief Marketing Officer […]

Thunderbird Alumna launches revolutionary tennis racket design

By Manuela Emmrich ’11 In the last fifty years the world has seen unparalleled innovation in just about every way imaginable, including the world of sports. However, there is one major sport that has seen very little of this mainstream progression. Tennis. More specifically the tennis racket. After 140 years in existence, the tennis racket […]

The New Face of the MS Degree

Well, as all of you are (hopefully) aware, about two weeks ago, the administration announced changes to yet another program here at Thunderbird–the MS in Global Finance and MS in Global Marketing programs. Riding the coattails of the MBA changes, we should have known this was coming. In Rebecca Henriksen’s email sent to the student […]

Two flags, one Thunderbird

By President Larry Penley Like many of you, I celebrated the Lunar New Year last week.  Luckily I was able to visit with my family to do so.  I know many of you may have wished that you could have done the same with your own families.  Choosing a school is a tough decision, but […]

Build-Your-Own Winterim

The Winterim was one of the aspects of Thunderbird I most looked forward to when choosing to pursue a Master’s in Business. Traveling the world with fellow students for a month, meeting with companies, what’s not to like? I quickly found out that what I did not enjoy was the price tag of such excursions. […]