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The Road After Graduation

Courtesy: mytrainmaster.wordpress.com
Courtesy: mytrainmaster.wordpress.com

By Borijan Borozanov

I will be graduating in a week. Some will say–finally, it was about the time to get rid of the annoying Macedonian. Having in mind that this is my last article, I will take the liberty to make a more personal message to my graduation class of ’14, so please bear with me one more time.

It is clear that the school has many challenges. And, it is clear that not everyone’s expectations have been fulfilled. It is also clear that many of us have and will have further professional struggles regardless of having a job or not at the moment. That is a fact that is not going to change anytime soon. It’s just the way the world works.

But sadly or not, we ran out of excuses even if we ever had them. To use some of the popular (but anonymous) assessments made on Thursday’s pub nights, we cannot hide any longer behind “unmotivated teachers”, “unorganized CMC”, “distant and virtual alumni network”, “impotent administration” or “ego-centric ex-trustees on a crusade against the other dinosaur trustees”.

Now, it’s up to us.

But, we should not forget one thing.

We are not and we never were the spoiled, adventurous and irresponsible kids who just want to travel. We are not and we never were the unemployable second tier misfits with low GMAT scores. We are not and we never were just the nice, mushy, sweet-worded polyglots. We are not and we never were just the former architects, teachers, software developers or drop-outs that otherwise lost their way in life.

We have just finished one of the best business trainings out there. As we are about to start with the biggest battle of our professional lives, we know we are ready and we are proud of who we are.

We are the best paratroopers of global business. Throw us deep in the unknown territory; we will be most comfortable there. Surround us with uncertainty, we will fix the problem. Give us your worst challenge, we will deliver. We do not look behind. And, we go the extra mile that allows us to lead in the front.

We win. T-Birds are winners. And unlike others, we care for each other.

Please do not ever forget that. T-Birds take care of each other!

It’s been an honor sharing two years of my life with each one of you. Let the wind be on your back always.

2 thoughts on “The Road After Graduation

  1. Borijan,

    Well spoken. The gathering of independent intellect, vision, spirit, grace needs a geographic center. It turned out to be the Arizonal Desert. That spirit remains. What ever path the school takes and who ever owns it does not change that simple formula nor the network.

    God Speed all of you and welcome to the challenge & ranks of individual accountability, making your destiny. Remember well, Thunderbird is not the map. THUNDERBIRD IS THE TERRITORY. Getting thru and out is no small conquest. You can captain any place on earth.

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