Page from a T-bird’s diary

B-schools – you may have seen them, heard about them from friends but you need to be in one to fully understand what it is really like. It is hard to believe that one whole trimester has passed by in the wink of an eye. From Foundations to last term finals, the journey has been […]

Former First Lady of Ghana comes to Thunderbird


Her excellency, Dr. Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings, former First Lady of the Republic of Ghana and an activist was here at Thunderbird on 19th of November 2013 to present on the topic, “Development, Politics and National Government: The Impact on African Women”. Besides being vice-chairperson of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), a political party, she […]


I should have known before I got here.  Flights booked to travel with Thunderbird down to Argentina.  A stopover built in to visit Lima and Cusco right before Foundations.  Then I get an e-mail with different dates than what were told to me, four days earlier.  A few hundred dollars in flight change fees and […]

Turn Off That Light!

By Kelly Swanson Anyone as old as I am may remember references to the constant lights-out or Blackout initiative from July 1939 to April 30, 1945. You may have read about it but you also may have heard your grandparents talk about it, or even your great grandparents. This was when the government decided to […]

Let’s stand and stare

Empty pool tables, many to-go boxes, deserted lawns–just 1 week into the new module and T-Birds are already flying helter-skelter. We hardly see them out and even if we do, they are talking furiously to their team mates. Sleepless nights are just a part of the routine and our blood is diluted with coffee. We […]

Robert Gates Speaks

Last Monday, Thunderbird had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Robert Gates, former CIA head and Secretary of Defense under George W. Bush and Barack Obama, on campus. Dr. Gates spoke much about leadership, drawing from his experiences running some of the largest organizations in America, including Texas A&M University.  His humor in addressing some points, […]

Ladies and Gentlemen… I’m Back!

By Kelly Swanson Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kelly Swanson. Yes that’s right. My controversy is back for a really great show. I have my bruises, but I can hang with any crowd. So many things have gone right and wrong since I was away for the summer.  I don’t have to […]

Becoming “Anti-Fragile”

By: Nate Stickney The energy on campus, once again, is palpable. Having the returning students back from summers full of learning and hard work is exciting, and the new students’ enthusiasm is invigorating. The academic year is underway, and I hear rumblings of exams this coming week. We come to campus this autumn at a […]

The Thunder Wives’ Tale

There are so many things that we, as students, are unaware of; in particular, about Thunderbird in the days of yore. The Arizona Republic ran an article about Thunderbird in 1972 about how the school was making efforts to recruit and include women in its post-graduate courses. Those were the days when females were in extreme minority […]

The Faces of Das Tor

Change is NOT a process for the impatient. Because, at Das Tor, we have the courage to change and the patience to grow. You’re reading this article on the latest site of Das Tor,, and boy are we proud to have our OWN domain name! No longer is Das Tor entrenched in the depths […]