The Faces of Das Tor


Change is NOT a process for the impatient. Because, at Das Tor, we have the courage to change and the patience to grow.

You’re reading this article on the latest site of Das Tor,, and boy are we proud to have our OWN domain name! No longer is Das Tor entrenched in the depths of the Knowledge Network. No longer is Das Tor hounded by inconvenient navigation and a calendar that cannot be accessed easily. We’re free and you get to enjoy that freedom! Change is freedom tempered by responsibility.

Thank you Mahmood, Michael, and the Thunderbird IT Department for making this happen. Special thanks to Dr. Kay Keck and TSG President Anisha Vinny to be enthusiastic about making Das Tor a one-stop-shop for all things Thunderbird, and making their weekly updates available via Das Tor.

From the print editions of yore, to the first online edition in 2011, the Das Tor team has always strived to give you the information you need and the best experience possible within its means. Let’s look at the different faces of Das Tor over the years.

1969 – Fall 2011

Bob Morabito founded Das Tor in 1969. For over 42 years, Das Tor thrived in the print format, most relevant to its time. 12-page, monthly editions full of exciting Thunderbird stories, and Oh, the joys of holding a newspaper in your hand and reading it over breakfast! Do take a look at the electronic archives on MTB for editions December 2007 – 2010. But this format was fast becoming obsolete, and inefficient to produce in terms of time and money. And more importantly, the newspaper’s message could not be delivered in time.

Fall 2011 – Spring 2013

The decision to make Das Tor a completely online newspaper was based on logical rationale for efficient management and is in clear alignment with Bob Morabito’s vision of the newspaper to “widen the gates and succeed”. Bringing the newspaper online was a great step and kudos to those who made it possible. The online form has drastically increased efficiency, is easily accessible and serves as a major source of information and reminder for on-campus happenings. It can be read by anyone anywhere with an internet connection, from the T-birds in the China module to the ones in the Cambodia TEMLab.

Spring 2013 onwards

While Das Tor still would be primarily based online, we realized that there could be some major improvements in the way Das Tor was presented. We’ve changed the way you can browse through articles or find events on the master calendar in a way that is most convenient for you. We have a website with the “Das Tor” name that makes it easy for anyone to access, especially prospective students. We’re tremendously excited about this change, because it only means we have a long way to go. We solicit your suggestions and comments to make this even better, so reach out and let us know.

Cheers and hope you enjoy Das Tor’s new avatar!

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