With Changes Come New Opportunities for T-birds

Source of Photo: albfoundation.org

By Mackenzie Pedersen, Staff Writer Thunderbirds, unfortunately, must face the facts: the Arizona sun is setting upon the Thunderbird campus. This bittersweet change has arrived faster than expected. Regardless of the pain associated with leaving what is known, Thunderbirds will make Downtown Phoenix their new home. Moreover, with change comes incredible opportunity! The staff of […]

Merger Mania: Changes at Home

This column is dedicated to the thoughts of students as the Arizona State University merger progresses. By Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor Note from the author: I had originally elected to remain anonymous but have since changed my mind. I am very proud of Thunderbird and hope that this small voice is heard. I was a Thunderbird before I […]

Birds of Feather Flock Together: Part 1

By Jessica Knutzon, Co-editor Part I: The Venezuelan Crisis Hits Home It is 1999, you are ten years old and there is a new president in your country. The government shifts to socialism and by the mid-2000s, your country takes a turn for the worst. Today, the repercussions of these changes make your life unimaginably […]

Page from a T-bird’s diary

B-schools – you may have seen them, heard about them from friends but you need to be in one to fully understand what it is really like. It is hard to believe that one whole trimester has passed by in the wink of an eye. From Foundations to last term finals, the journey has been […]

Breakfast with GE Recruiters

MBA Women International Club organized a breakfast with a few of the Thunderbird alumni who were here to recruit students for Experienced Commercial Leadership Program (ECLP). They gave information about the program and walked us through the recruitment process. The alumni were all very excited to be back in campus even if it was just […]

Faculty Column: Better Networks for Managing Customer Relationships

By Professor Gabriel Gonzalez The task of managing relationships with customers has become much more complex. Relationship managers or RMs operate in an environment where sophisticated solutions have become the norm. This means that they must bring to bear their firm’s resources on the problems that their customers face. They often have to do this […]

The Real Team Is The One That Doesn’t Wait To Help

By Kelly Swanson Welcome to all the new On-Demand students that are getting started and a heartfelt shout out to everyone who is studying hard and getting prepared for finals for their quarters. We all experience tough times, whether it be financial, business, or personal. It is through these experiences that we grow, mature, and […]

Upcoming Case Competition!

By Monica Voge Do you want a chance to practice your supply chain and project management skills right here on campus? If so, there is an exciting opportunity coming your way this month! Supply Chain Club and Project Management Club are partnering with Magna Powertrain to hold a case competition on March 22nd from 8 […]

Project Management Brings in Success

Last Thursday, the Project Management Club sponsored the International Project Management talks during the Project Management Institute’s International Project Management week. Over 100 guests and students were welcomed at Thunderbird to as the evening began with a small Networking and Dinner social in the lobby of the Herberger building. As guests and students alike were […]

President Barrett’s Open House

This past Thursday, Thunderbird President Barbara Barrett hosted an Open House for the Thunderbird community not only to meet the new Strategic Planning Team but also to see the beautiful Presidential Suite in the Herberger Building. Students were welcomed into the Suite with the task of completing our very own “Arizona Passport.” While zig-zagging through […]