Student Spotlight

Courtesy of Dominique Oyarce

We have a wonderful group of fun-loving exchange students on campus this trimester which means more T-Birds in the world (and more couches to sleep on!)   Each week, we’ll ask one of our new friends to share a little about themselves and the most revealing question of all, what’s in your backpack?

This week, Dominique Oyarce, from Santiago, Chile, gives us a peek into her smallish (she travels light for a girl!) backpack: 

What school are you on exchange with and how long will you be at Thunderbird?
I am studying the Global MBA program at Universidad de Chile. I will be at Thunderbird until August 2014.

What is your favorite part of Thunderbird so far?
People with no doubt!!!  There is so much richness in cultural diversity that you enjoy every moment, any place…especially the Pub.

What are you hoping to do when you leave Thunderbird and graduate?
I have to finish my program in Chile and after that I would like to work for a nonprofit organization.

What are the three most interesting things in your backpack?

1. Lots of curl-defining hair cream–because I cannot survive without it.

2. Small pictures of each one of my friends.

3. The bible I have read since I was 12 years old.


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