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Courtesy: Will Bourianne
Courtesy: Will Bourianne

We have a wonderful group of fun-loving exchange students on campus this trimester which means more T-Birds in the world (and more couches to sleep on!)   Each week, we’ll ask one of our new friends to share a little about themselves and answer the most revealing question of all, what’s in your backpack?

This week, Will Bourianne, tells us a little about himself and what he carries his stylish Thunderbird backpack.

What school are you on exchange with and how long will you be with us at Thunderbird?

I’m here with ESSEC Business School for 4 months.

What is your favorite part of Thunderbird so far?
I really enjoy everything at Thunderbird but I would say that I really enjoy the Pub: a great place to relax and meet people.

What are you hoping to do when you leave Thunderbird and graduate from ESSEC?
I want to work in brand management and become a strategic planner for an advertising agency or a global company in the U.S.

What are the three most interesting things in your backpack?

1. a BIC 4-color pen: I think it’s the best pen ever invented.

2. a pair of glasses that I never wear because I don’t look good with glasses.

3. My old white “unibody” Macbook.

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