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Courtesy: My Thunderbird
Courtesy: My Thunderbird

Hello TBirds!

As we commence the second module of the Spring 2014 Trimester, we experience a roller coaster of events that speaks directly to the passion that lies in those involved in Thunderbird.

As the week started, a shift began to occur from the Academics and Career Searches to “What is going on with Thunderbird?” The week continued, and we began to see some differing opinions splitting the student body. This was unacceptable for TSG so we worked tirelessly to correct this. That takes us to Friday’s TSG Public Meeting and the statement made.

As the statement roamed through the global streets of Thunderbird, we saw, for the first time in a while, a united student body again. That would not have been possible without the help from our TSG Chairs and Representatives; they gave up everything in the past week to consolidate a powerful statement for all stakeholders. And that would not have been possible without you, our students; as your opinions, involvement, and understanding kept your minds open and suggestions objective. Our only reservation is that not all of our stakeholders were there to hear our voice, though I am sure our message will make it to them.

While all of this was happening, the “ups” brought to campus one of the best conferences that Thunderbird had ever seen. Totaling 2 days, 10+ speakers (alumni, key company executives, and faculty), and 100+ students from various business schools, the Global Citizen Forum led by Net Impact, Lauren Simkulak and Nicole Mueller was the epitome of what Thunderbird is. The conference was able to excellently balance the topics of sustainability, entrepreneurship, M&E, marketing, and many more, resulting in an amazing experience for all those involved.

Then, there was Asia Regional Night. Yet another successful Regional Night thanks to the planning powers of Fiona Teerlink, Adam Gostel, and Aditya Kini. They led a team of TSG Chairs, TSG Reps and Thunderplanners to a friction-less mix of cultural celebration. And, finally, immense gratitude extended to the Asia Club leaders and performers. They managed to mix K-pop dances with Chicken Biryani, Indian Wedding Ceremonies, Traditional Japanese dances, and many more regional foods, dances, and songs in a way that flowed and entertained. Finally, I’m sure that Patrick Mah in his school girl outfit will be a memorable moment for the prospective students that attended the Preview Weekend.

Some final updates are the Modules Abroad and TEM Labs. As our group from Spain returned, we were forced to say “good-bye and take lots of pictures so that we can see when you get back!” to our group from Malaysia and our TEM Lab team heading to Peru. As far as the Spain Module Abroad was concerned, there were some issues with some of the courses so Mayank Sharma and Bassel Farran are working with Dr. Washburn in figuring out a solution for them. In addition, the Malaysia module abroad is underway and we hope to have updates for you next time!

And now…. coming up for the TSG:

TSG Elections Commission: The TSG President and Vice-President Elections for next trimester are coming up. Santiago Peralta, TSG Vice-President, is in charge of putting together an elections commission that can fairly judge and monitor the elections process. If you are interested in this, please contact me BY WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2ND at: santiagolperalta@global.t-bird.edu

First Tuesday April (APRIL 1ST): First Tuesday for April is in 2 days! If you are interested in connecting with alumni, other Thunderbird students, and prospective students, contact Tiago Ferraz at: tiago.ferraz@global.t-bird.edu

Thundercares (APRIL 5TH): Signup: Check. Awesome Tshirts: Check. Amazing Projects: Check. Great people: DOUBLE CHECK! Thundercares is all set up and ready to go for this Saturday! The projects this time around are in the morning AND afternoon so please stay attentive at any emails regarding Thundercares in the next few days.

Thunderbird Entrepreneur Challenge (April 5th): Right after working for the community at Thundercares, we have an amazing event called Thunderbird Entrepreneur Challenge. This was created by Tom Yu and Fiona Teerlink in order to simulate a “pressure cooker” environment. Teams of four are encouraged to apply and for now, the only rules that we know are that you have to commit 24 continuous hours (April 5th night to April 6th night). If you have a team in mind and want more information, please take a look at their website: http://www.strikingly.com/tec

Fiona Teerlink: Fiona.Teerlink@global.t-bird.edu

Tom Yu: Tomyu@global.t-bird.edu

With that, I am done rambling, and time for some FORAD! If you have any question, please contact me at: santiagolperalta@global.t-bird.edu. Have a great week!

– Santiago Peralta, TSG Vice-President

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