Děkuji Praha

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer The amazing six weeks in Prague comes to an end! It has been a rollercoaster ride. As we plan our future travels we also reminisce on the wonderful moments we had in Prague. It has been a hectic six weeks in terms of classwork. Finishing an entire trimester’s work in […]

Prague Regional Night

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer Photo Courtesy: Sarunyu Thepbunchonchai Amidst the evening breeze, and a slight drizzle, the cruise set out on the Vltava River. The cruise was full of energy with all the Module Abroad students gathered on board, for the Prague Regional Night. It was a fitting beginning to an amazing last week […]

Athens: Ancient City, Youthful Energy

By: Emma Livingston, Staff Writer The allure of place is the reason I travel. I travel to soak in the rhythms, the verve, the ancient energy of a place. I love places with history, because I can imagine the stories, the lives of humans thousands of years before me who stood where I am standing. […]

A Tale of Two Companies: FoxConn and SAP

By: Emma Livingston, Staff Writer FoxConn Technology Group and SAP SE: Two companies that seem to have very little in common aside from their association with the technology sector. FoxConn is largely a contract manufacturer that makes iPhones and iPads for Apple, computers for HP, Xbox One for Microsoft, the Play Station 4 for Microsoft, […]

Tapas – All You Can Eat

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer As the streets of Madrid were buzzing with people, I, along with some friends, found a typical Spanish ‘bar & café to rest for awhile. It is a sunny Tuesday but the streets are full of tourists and the city has a large floating population. Our waitress, a young girl […]

Ruin Bars – The Spot for Ultimate Nightlife

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer Photos Courtesy of: Kaladhar Rachabathuni The unique nightlife, the amazing ‘beer gardens’, and the ‘exclusive ruin bars’ are the fantastic factors of Budapest. The well known and exclusive pubs are not the only places one must visit; pick any random pub or bar, enter it.. You will be surprised by […]

Skoda – The Czech Auto-Giant

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer Photo Credits: Sarunyu Thepbunchonchai The module abroad is a vital part of the Thunderbird education which helps students to understand the business environment around the world. To support this a number of company visits are incorporated into students’ coursework during their stay in Prague. This intends to provide the students […]

T-Birds Abroad: First Impressions of Prague

By: Emma Livingston, Staff Writer One week into our Thunderbird experience in Prague, I asked some of our 35 classmates who have made the journey to this city to tell me why they came here, what their apartments are like and what their first impressions are of the city. For many students, this is their […]

Aaha Aaha Prahaaa….

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer People say, “The first time you visit Europe you will fall in love with it, its architecture and glory.” And as for most of the T-Birds on the Module Abroad, this is the first time in Europe, and we are definitely in love with Prague. It is a gorgeous and […]

From Foundations to Graduation

By Richard Dennis ’14 & Vivek Khurana ’14 We find ourselves at the end of a defining adventure, full of friends we never expected to meet, and experiences we never thought we would have, but now will never forget. We won’t forget Foundations – our first steps at Thunderbird, that eye-opening day in GPE when […]