Prague Regional Night

By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer

Photo Courtesy: Sarunyu Thepbunchonchai

Amidst the evening breeze, and a slight drizzle, the cruise set out on the Vltava River. The cruise was full of energy with all the Module Abroad students gathered on board, for the Prague Regional Night. It was a fitting beginning to an amazing last week in Prague.

Thanks to TSG, we had a wonderful dinner on the cruise on Monday evening. Starting at 7:00 PM, a cruise was organized just for the students. The ride and the food was sponsored by TSG, while the beverages were left to the students to fund. It was a three-hour ride along the banks of Prague.

The cruise went a short distance along the river within the city limits. The cruise had two decks, while the lower one was the food and wine cellar. The upper deck was just an observation deck to enjoy the view. There was a musician playing a harmony, the melodious tune was befitting the backdrop.

Students had fun playing cards, dancing to the songs and chatting. It started to rain later, but it gave us an opportunity to enjoy the amazing view of the beautiful city of Prague. The city glowed in the night skies, with all the lights. The view of the castle, the busy river with many cruises and the extravagant cafés all along the river side was a view one could never forget. It was a perfect evening.



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