Student Spotlight: Angel Poyato Ayuso

Angel Poyato AyusoEach week, we ask one of our new fun-loving exchange students to share a little about themselves and the most revealing question of all, what’s in your backpack?

This week, Angel Poyato Ayuso of Spain gives us a peek into his Thunderbird Backpack.

Where do you call home?    

My home country is Spain. I am from the south of Spain, Andalusia, the homeland of tapas and flamenco. Financial crisis has hit the Spanish economy severely and a certain part of the population is currently going through tough times. I prefer to be optimistic and think that this crisis shall pass too. We need to get back that happiness and passion that beautifully characterized Spain and its people before the crisis.

What school are you on exchange with and how long will you be at Thunderbird?  

I obtained a “La Caixa” scholarship to study my MBA in any of the leading business schools in Asia. I had the chance to study at HKUST in Hong Kong, CEIBS in Shanghai or ISB in Hyderabad. Having previously travelled to both China and India I finally opted for the Indian School of Business. Last year has been quite intense studying in India where I have encountered brilliant minds among my classmates. Competition is instilled in the Indian academic mindset and it has represented a challenge for me; especially considering that I have been the only Western student in the current batch. I feel I have left ISB reinforced. I will be at Thunderbird until May.

What is your favorite part of Thunderbird so far?

My favorite part of Thunderbird is the diversity you can experience on campus. Many schools brand themselves with the term diversity but few schools can beat Thunderbird in that regard. Sharing a classroom with classmates from 5 continents is a truly enriching experience that always adds to the lecture. On top of that, I have found faculty at Thunderbird superb as well as some extremely interesting courses.

What are you hoping to do when you leave Thunderbird and graduate?

After leaving Thunderbird I plan to continue education this year in US in the field of supply chain management. I have around 5 years working experience and would like to enhance my career in that domain. Operations and supply chain management are highly influenced by globalization; this academic stay at Thunderbird is helping me to broaden my understanding in those topics on a global perspective.

What are the three most interesting things in your backpack?

As an avid traveler, I have finally been able to learn that less is more when it comes to packing. In this sense, I always try to keep it simple: my passport, enough cash and enough underwear! The most interesting things actually happen during the journey and that is why you should always keep your eyes well open.




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