You’ve Got Academic Issues? I’ve Got Answers!


On February 20th, Pia Oestlien, TSG Special Projects Chair, and I, your TSG Academic Affairs Chair, created and led Thunderbird’s first-ever Student Academic Affairs Forum on campus in the Lecture Halls. Our primary objective–to hear all of you, candidly and unfiltered. By ensuring that only full-time students were in the room, we could make sure that students didn’t feel pressure to filter what they were saying. To say that we were blown away by your feedback is an understatement. We received an incredible amount of participation with over 40 students in attendance!

As promised, we want to make sure you all are kept in the loop on our progress. I give you the report of the Forum as well as our findings from our meetings with the administration and faculty over the past two weeks. I will do my best to get this report out to everyone who wishes to read it. I have removed the names of most individuals (faculty, admin) due to the public forum of this newspaper; however, I can assure you that all discussions with administration over this report were carried out with the names still in the report.

My goal has, and remains, to make sure all of you have the best Academic Experience here at Thunderbird that is possible. With this, I bring you one step closer to your question’s answers. If you have trouble reading or understanding any of these findings, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( Thank you, T-Birds, for being the most passionate people that make my job a joy to have. I give you, the Academic Affairs Forum Report: Academic Affairs Forum Feedback Report

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