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Courtesy: My Thunderbird
Courtesy: My Thunderbird

Hello T-Birds!!

Yet another fun week at Thunderbird has passed, coupled with some exciting visitors, headways on major issues, and some interesting decisions.

Beginning with the visitors, various Trustees have been coming to campus to show their support for the students during these challenging times. Tuesday and Friday brought both meetings with students and appearances at Rebecca’s First Friday meeting. Keep your eyes and ears open in the next couple of weeks because, chances are, that you will be able to spot them coming in and out of the Commons.

Next, as TSG, our primary mission is to make sure that your experience at Thunderbird never ceases to improve. Therefore, some of our goals these past few weeks have been to:

a) get the Spring 2014 MBA batch a shot at a Summer Module Abroad,

b) get the Fall 2013 MBA batch optional retake courses, and

c) see the status of the Spring 2014 batch internship possibilities.

Regarding the Summer module abroad for the Spring 2014 batch—thanks to Kyle Moynihan’s and Tirza Jova’s hard work and professionalism—it is becoming more and more probable that it will happen. Regarding the Fall 2013 MBA batch optional retake courses, a task force (including Mayank Sharma and Bassel Farran) is working on this; Dr. Penley, the Board of Trustees, the MBA Curriculum coordinator and other key stakeholders have been consulted. For the last point, the Spring 2014 batch will have the availability to do an internship in Fall 2014.

A couple of fun decisions have been made! First, the location and theme of the Global Gala have been chosen; tickets are up for sale! Second, the TEC, developed by Fiona Teerlink and Tom Yu, was such a success that the TSG is thinking about doing the challenge at least once a year. Third, there is a Spring 2014 Yearbook idea going around. Soumya Sivadas and Sneha Gayatri are developing the idea for a Thunderbird yearbook. Please fill out the survey sent by them and let’s see if we can push this thing through!

One final point, Jason Seigel and a group of eight other students are in the final stages of forming a Task Force whose vision is to make changes to Thunderbird that will further establish its position as the Number 1 International Business School in the world. If you are a first or second trimester student and you would like to get involved, please contact Jason at:

Important Events Coming Up

1. EMEA Regional Night: This Saturday is our last Regional Night of the Spring 2014 trimester! I have seen performers practicing hard all last week and I’m sure I will see a lot more this week. Be sure to be there early to enjoy some delicious food! EMEA Regional Night will be at the TEC and doors will open at 6:30 PM.

2. TSG President and Vice-President Elections: Voting for the Summer 2014 TSG President and Vice-President begin this Tuesday and end next Monday. In conjunction, TSG Chair Application for the Summer 2014 term are due by April 25th, 2014. It is going to be a small team, so make sure to have your application in if you want to be a part of it.

We will keep updating you on the progress in the academic fronts, but for now, have a great week! And I will see you all at Regional Night!

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