Thunderbird FC season comes to a close

Courtesy: Kyle Schwent
Courtesy: Kyle Schwent

By Kyle Schwent, ’15

Thunderbird FC closed out its season today with a loss in shootouts during the semi-finals of playoffs against Colombia FC. We grabbed control of the game with a goal in the first half, slipped a bit when the opponents scored twice in the 2nd half, but our chances were kept alive with a 2nd goal of our own near the end of the game. Going to shootouts, we kept an even pace but eventually fell to the precision of the opponent’s shots.

Though we might not be holding a trophy at the end of our season, we had a fantastic time during the season. Our team had its strengths and weaknesses like any other, but one thing our team had that was unique was our team spirit. No matter how rough the game got or how high the odds seemed stacked against our favor we constantly maintained positive energy. After each loss on the sidelines we were always able to laugh about something, and never did blame get tossed around for mistakes or missed chances. We played other teams that usually all shared a foreign language, which is just the opposite of how our team worked.

With players from all over the world, it was fascinating to see each of our perspectives and individual skill-set come together and blend with everyone else’s. The end result of our season won’t be standing together under a giant gold trophy, but who needs such objects when you’ve got such a great group of people that bring smiles rain or shine. Objects when you’ve got such a great group of people that bring smiles rain or shine.

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