Fútbol y Tacos

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer Last Friday the Latin American Business and Culture Club and the Thunderbird Football Club teamed up to host what was probably the most successful event, besides regional night, so far this semester. I recount the day’s events below: Fridays are supposed to be easy here at Camp Thunderbird, at least […]

Thunderbird FC season comes to a close

By Kyle Schwent, ’15 Thunderbird FC closed out its season today with a loss in shootouts during the semi-finals of playoffs against Colombia FC. We grabbed control of the game with a goal in the first half, slipped a bit when the opponents scored twice in the 2nd half, but our chances were kept alive […]

The Football Arena Spectacular

By Kyle Schwent, ’15 Thunderbird Football (Soccer) Club finally etched its name into the 2014 season with a 3-2 victory over a team who named themselves the Gladiators. Though shorthanded, the Gladiators lived up to their name fought with a tenacity usually reserved for warriors in a Roman arena. Our first two goals came at the […]