The Football Arena Spectacular

By Kyle Schwent, ’15

Courtesy: Thunderbird FC
Courtesy: Thunderbird FC

Thunderbird Football (Soccer) Club finally etched its name into the 2014 season with a 3-2 victory over a team who named themselves the Gladiators. Though shorthanded, the Gladiators lived up to their name fought with a tenacity usually reserved for warriors in a Roman arena.

Our first two goals came at the foot of Peter (Sungkwan Hur). Though the defense was thick, Peter was able to find an opening through some quick movement, and let the ball sail with a curve into the back of the net. His next goal was of similar circumstance, but with a downward-curving chip that grazed the the very tips of the goalie’s outstretched hands before rocketing down and in. Our third goal was (I wasn’t watching)…

Our team is clearly improving in both fitness and teamwork, which only makes our hodge-podge backgrounds of players all the more powerful when they work together. With our current record set at 1-1-1, the future is looking bright for our team as we prepare for next week’s game. Training includes poring over professional games, studying the tactics and small touches that give advantages, as well as playing Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 4pm-6pm each week.

Join us next time on the soccer field, and you’ll see our T-Birds in action, chasing a ball, yelling at each other, and when it’s all over, sharing in infectious laughter and tips for teammates. Until then, keep chasing that ball!

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