The Golf Club

golf_course0099I’m here this week to spread the word about the Golf Club, a Thunderbird institution that has existed in the past but is making a roaring comeback this trimester.

I attended the first ‘meeting’ in 2014, which was an outing to The Legends at Arrowhead Golf Club’s driving range.  There, a range of skill levels did battle with the white ball for about an hour.  Many had never played before, and I know I enjoyed helping those players find their swing for the first time.

An added perk is that range balls are complimentary for showing up.  Those that play golf often know that these types of expenses can add up quickly.  So, with the Thunderbird Golf Club, you can learn a new sport and save money doing so as well!  Don’t worry if you do not have clubs (which can be expensive)- the club provides practice clubs.

So, what are you waiting for?  Get out there, Fridays at 3 PM, and play some golf!

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