Why the Masters are Great

Courtesy: www.masters.com
Courtesy: www.masters.com

The Masters is a confusing event to explain as a four-day excuse to not see a single friend on the Thunderbird campus.

“It’s a golf tournament,” I say. The confused stares are usually followed with a follow question. “But, why?”

“It’s just the best. You should see the grass.”

I’ll admit that to the person who does not follow golf, there is no reason to watch the Masters. However, if you have an HD television, at least switch the channel over to CBS for a minute and test out the power of your entertainment device. You owe it to yourself.

I’m writing this article as the final round is currently going on for this year. There is so much up and down, so many stories. A twenty-year old is currently leading the legends. He addresses everyone older than him with “mister” because he is from Texas and unapologetically polite. Who wouldn’t root for someone like this?

It’s different than any other sporting event because of how steeped in history the course, Augusta National, is. This event has always been played at this exact course, unlike other major golf tournaments, so you are able to see how the current pros stack up against the likes of Harmon, Nicklaus and Hogan.

Golf isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the Masters is truly a different type of event. Give it a watch, why don’t you?

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