Weekly Update for 10/17/2014

By, Rebecca Henriksen


Hello Thunderbird community,


I hope you have had a good week.


I know students have many questions about what’s happening with the Thunderbird/ASU merger. While many decisions are yet to be made, progress is continuing.  An item of major interest is the timing around the HLC decision.  The commission meets at the end of October and we expect to hear the results of their meeting by mid-November.


On October 16th Thunderbird staff had the opportunity to meet with ASU representatives. Staff were encouraged by their dedication to students and to Thunderbird’s mission. There was a clear commitment to ensuring that the students’ academic, professional and social experience at Thunderbird will not be negatively impacted by the merger. Important issues that were raised at this session included the continuity of student services and career management services, as well as the future of the Thunderbird campus and ThunderPub. The ASU representatives stated that there has been no discussion thus far to move the campus or the pub to another location.  The pub should be able to continue normal operations as there are multiple ASU venues, such as the University Club, with full bar facilities.


The course schedule for Spring 2015 and forward, including faculty assignments, is almost ready.  James Scott is putting the final touches on the schedule and should have it posted by the end of this month.


As more information becomes available, we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop. Remember to submit your questions tocommunications@thunderbird.edu. Your question will be added to the FAQ section at http://one.thunderbird.edu


Here is what you’ll find in today’s update:


1.       Professional Development Week is upon us!

2.       Thunderbird captures #1 ranking for “Internationalism of Alumni”

3.       Global Chamber Networking Event: “Create Your Great Global Career”, October 21st

4.       International Students – Beware of Scammers

5.       Important information for graduating students

6.       Writing Center open during Professional Development Week

7.       Important notification for students interested in testing out of their language requirement, deadline October 31st

8.       Independent Winterim course notice

9.       Thunderbird Finance Association presents Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), October 20th

10.   T-bird alumna in local news



1.       Professional Development Week is upon us!


We are looking forward to seeing you next week at the various Professional Development Week events.  If you haven’t RSVP’d for the events you wish to attend, please do so.  And as an important reminder:  Dress to impress. Business formal attire (suits) for information sessions, the Career Fair and interviews is required. You only have one chance to make that first impression and because it sets the tone for the remainder of your interaction at these events, we will ask you to change if you arrive inappropriately dressed. Wear business casual attire for all workshops Monday through noon on Wednesday.



2.       Thunderbird captures #1 ranking for “Internationalism of Alumni”


According to the recently announced Economist 2014 Which MBA rankings, not only were we recognized as being the  #1 school  for “Internationalism of Alumni,” we also advanced 5 spots (from 97 to 92) in our overall MBA ranking.





3.       Global Chamber Networking Event: “Create Your Great Global Career”

Tuesday, October 21

2:30 to 7:30 pm


As part of Professional Development Week, Global Chamber is hosting an on-campus event Oct. 21 that brings global leaders, businesses and globally minded management students to the table to discuss how, together, we can create a professional ecosystem that will attract and retain global talent in the state. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from local leaders – and meet exemplary global talent from Thunderbird. RSVP to GlobalConnect to secure your spot.



4.       International Students – Beware of Scammers


Never give money or provide personal information to strangers. If you are solicited for donations, told you owe money, or asked to exchange a check for cash, do not give money. Ask for the person’s contact information and report the incident to the Thunderbird Safety & Security or the International Students & Scholars Office immediately.



5.       Attention graduating students


If you have petitioned to graduate and plan on walking in the upcoming Fall Commencement ceremony on Friday, December 12, you should have received an email this week from our Institutional Events department to complete a mandatory online information form. This form will collect information needed for displaying and pronouncing your name at the ceremony, uploading your special departing message and requesting your tickets for friends and family. Please take 5 minutes to complete the form. If you did not receive the email or have any questions, please contact events@thunderbird.edu.



6.       Writing Center open during Professional Development Week


Are you dusting off your resume? Writing a cover letter? Practicing your informational interview skills?


For your convenience, the Writing Center will be open next week during our regular hours. Stop in for help on career related documents, or get a jump on next trimester by going over proper MLA citations, team report writing tips, grammar guidelines, or anything you’d like a second set of eyes on. Book an appointment on the Writing Center page on TLE: http://learning.thunderbird.edu/course/view.php?id=4308.



7.       Important notification for students interested in testing out of their language requirement


The deadline to waive your language requirement by taking the OPI Challenge is Friday, October 31st. Tests are proctored Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM in the Voris Building-Pod B. Please use the attached link to register and schedule your OPI. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact Cheri Roberts @ cheri.roberts@thunderbird.edu



8.       Independent Winterim Course Notice


Please be advised that the only Winterim courses recognized by Thunderbird for credit and/or Thunderbird Global Experience (TGE) credit are the Winterim courses listed on the Winterim page on MTB, applied for directly through Thunderbird.


If you should receive information regarding  ‘independent’ Winterim courses,  either sent directly to you via email or snail mail, please be aware that these courses are not recognized by Thunderbird for either course credit or Thunderbird Global Experience (TGE) credit.



9.       Thunderbird Finance Association presents Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT), October 20th


Supercharge your career with BAT – The Future of Finance Recruiting.


The BAT is a two hour test comprised of 100 multiple-choice aptitude questions, covering eight key performance areas. The test provides students valuable feedback regarding their personal strengths in relation to a financial career and then allows them to connect with Bloomberg’s network of over 25K+ employers to discuss internships and full-time entry level positions.


When: Monday, October 20, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

Where: Computer Lab, Snell 22




There is no registration and test fee for Thunderbird Students. If you wish to take it online from your home, you can do so but it will cost you $39.


This will be the LAST opportunity to take BAT this trimester.



10.   T-bird alumna in local news


Check out this story about T-bird alumna, Laura Libman. Another wonderful T-bird changing the world:





As always, do not hesitate to reach out with questions, concerns and ideas. Remember that Sadia Khan (sadia.khan@thunderbird.edu) and Niky Choskhi  (niky.chokshi@thunderbird.edu), are leading our Student Affairs area. Please know that they have an open door policy and look forward to meeting you to learn about how they can make your Thunderbird experience better.


I wish you a marvelous, fun,and relaxing weekend.


All the best,




Rebecca Henriksen

Vice President – Enrollment and Student Services Management

Thunderbird School of Global Management

Phone: 602-978-7118

Cell: 602-281-0562

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