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Business Ethics for Global Leaders

By, Sylvia Imbrock

One of Thunderbirds’ key points of differentiation in the business world is our understanding of the world and a capacity to navigate the globe. As global business leaders, we want more than the next quick fix to our business problems. Impactful business leaders look for ever more efficiencies, pushing the boundaries of business for innovative solutions and profitable solutions in shifting international markets.


Friday, November 14, 2014, Thunderbird Honor Council presents Ethics Day, bringing four speakers from across the US to speak to topics within business ethics, including navigating conflicting regulations, mitigating supply chain risk, international business conduct, and how to otherwise navigate the many gray areas of industry while delivering value to shareholders.


Learning about business ethics is a key part of T-birds’ job search and education, helping us question what more we want from our jobs—along with our livelihoods. Speakers will help participants identify the best companies and learn how to attract them by probing into company values and culture. As students, it is our job to identify and prepare ourselves to work for excellent companies. Companies realize lower risk, enhanced returns, and enhanced profit potential by addressing business ethics. Companies that invest in compliance, setting high standards, establishing stable supply chains, and the like are positioned for long-term advantage and profits. These companies anticipate landscape changes and look for new footholds of uniqueness and competitive advantage as margins narrow. Implementing long-term, ethical business practices can even reduce inefficiencies associated with unnecessarily risky or unsustainable practices.


According to Ethics Day speaker Doug DeRuisseau of SAI, compliance regulations evolve “not to blame, not to decide who’s right or wrong. Given all the complexities of cultures, compliance officers try to navigate conflicting laws… [Compliance] is about mitigating risks, and how to operate in a world of gray.” Ethics Day discussions will lead students to look carefully into the career choices and strategic opportunities that lie ahead.


Ethics Day begins at 1 PM, Friday, November 14, with a panel discussion. After a short break, each speaker will then break out into workshops addressing topics such as navigating conflicting international regulations, disclosure ethics, maximizing success, and risk minimization. The speakers’ are Jesse Sanders, Senior Strategic Risk Officer, Arizona Department of Economic Security; Doug DeRuisseau, Lead Trainer and Senior Advisor, Social Accountability International; Lucasz Cerwinski, Deputy Director of Program Partnerships, Landesa; and Catherine Leyen, AART (R)(MP)(CV), pharmaceutical entrepreneur.


Tell us why you think ethics is important and relevant in the global business environment.


For More Info, visit:

Facebook/Thunderbird Honor Council



Arizona Dept. of Economic Security


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