On Contentment

As related to Emma Livingston, Staff Writer; original author requested anonymity.

It is so amusing that when I suggested to my friends about writing this article on being content they all had a big laugh about it. Has it become so hilarious or so unrealistic that no one believes in being content anymore? Or is it that the idea of being content translates to not having any direction or growth in life? So when I say that I am content in life, am I alienating myself from all my friends racing towards their ambition without stopping to be in that moment and being happy in it. Am I preaching about a state which no one thinks exists, just like the Utopia?

So what does being content mean for me? It means that I am happy with where I have reached today. I am okay with the decisions I made and how they have shaped my life. I have a clarity in my ideas about where I want to be and I am working towards it with passion and enthusiasm. Being content means that I am equipped with the skills to make the best out of the situation I am in and I am able to find the positives amongst the negatives. I enjoy having late night chats with friends, listening to the professors sometimes, deriving meaning out of other peoples’ experiences, having a drink at the Pub, dancing till I drop, studying in the IBIC! It makes me happy and makes me prepared to take on the challenges which might come my way.

My mantra for everyone would be – count your blessings! It gives you the strength to take a meaningful step in the right direction without the agony of discontent, thinking of where you could have been.

I have made a decision to be content, and I am happy with that!!

–        S.D.

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