The Return of Dr. Love

by Daisy Jasmine, Staff Writer Long before the publication we know and love made its home in our familiar digital territory, Das Tor saw a brief, golden era in which the print paper included a certain inimitable advice column. Students beleaguered by conundrums of passion, longing and heartbreak sought the guidance and constructive critique of […]

Offset & Countertrade: How a Recent Alum Revived a Classic Thunderbird Industry

By Nash Wills, Co-Editor If I had to pinpoint a single defining characteristic about Thunderbird, it would have to be that, simply put, it’s just plain different—always has been, and always will be. Being different is an integral part of the institution’s heritage. From the way it was founded, to its rather inconvenient location in […]

Alumni Advice: Take the Road Less Traveled By

By Felipe P. Martinez, ’03 Dear Thunderbird Students, I truly hope you are enjoying the summer in Glendale, although it’s likely that you’re already too busy with work to enjoy the weather, so I do appreciate and thank you for reading this. Over the years I have met many Tbirds, and the ones I find […]

Graduation Is Upon Us

By Nash Wills, Staff Writer The seasons are finally changing, Christmas time and the holidays are just around the corner and with all of this festivity comes graduation day. It is always a seminal and bittersweet time during which soon-to-be-graduates are simultaneously excited and nostalgic. In the short amount of time that I have spent […]

On Contentment

As related to Emma Livingston, Staff Writer; original author requested anonymity. It is so amusing that when I suggested to my friends about writing this article on being content they all had a big laugh about it. Has it become so hilarious or so unrealistic that no one believes in being content anymore? Or is […]

Coffee with A Cop… a Success!

By Aditya Kini In what was a first of its kind this trimester, the TSG organized a Coffee with Cop event initiated by the facilities chair, Aditya Kini (Ady). The event was organized at the Commons during dead hour. The event turned out to be a great success with more than 20 students turning up […]