By: Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer

As we near the end of our module abroad program in Prague, I would like to take a minute to appreciate all the wonderful cuisine this city has offered us. Since our arrival many of us had the luxury to taste a wide range of culinary delights and we have absolutely enjoyed this experience. Italian, Indian, Chinese, Thai… Name it and you will find it. Mediterranean and Italian food are the most popular around Prague.

Prague does have cuisine from all over the world. But, they have a lot of Czech dishes too. I have noticed that the average level of saltiness in any dish is higher than American standards. Any visit to Prague is unfinished without a nice meal in a traditional Czech restaurant with a glass of Czech beer – either Budvar or Pilsner Urquell. The two most appreciated traditional Czech foods are dumplings and fried cheese.

Dumplings are the most commonly served Czech cuisine. Though dumplings are not something one would consider to be healthy, they perfectly complement the favored Czech beer. Dumplings in Czech – “knedliky”, are the traditional dish made from flour and served as a side dish in combination with a choice of meat or potato soaked in sauce.

The ‘knedlík’ – are made with wheat or potato flour, milk, eggs and stale bread cubes, and formed into a loaf or roll, boiled in water then sliced and served hot. They have a unique taste when served hot. They’re perfect for soaking up lots of gravy, and are typically served with roast pork, roast goose and duck, roast beef and dill sauce, and more. Cabbage often accompanies it.

Over the years, these dishes have evolved. There are several versions of it modified with different sauces to meet the customer’s tastes. There are other European dumplings as well, such as Hungarian dumplings. Traditional Czech dumplings are served with beef or duck in dill sauce.

If you ever get a chance, try the Czech Dumplings. It is different from the traditional Italian and Hungarian dumplings. The Czech Dumplings have their own unique flavor and are delicious to eat, especially with a nice cold beer.

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