Consulting Day

By: Marissa Burkett, Audio/Visual Editor

The Thunderbird Management Consulting Association (TMCA) recently hosted Consulting Day, an afternoon series of speaker sessions surrounding experiences entering and in the consulting world. Over 30 aspiring consultants came in their best business wear to hear T-Bird alumni from McKinsey, Deloitte, and Drizly speak about their experiences in the consulting world. Other sessions included advice on the interviewing process and skills needed for a consultant.

The afternoon began with student Fiona Teerlink (MBA ’15) leading a case interview prep session based on her extensive case interview experience and recent success securing an internship with Boston Consulting Group Amsterdam. “I think that any opportunity to present is a great opportunity to learn and get better,” says Teerlink. “This was a good opportunity for me because it is pretty rare that you do a 30-minute presentation by yourself instead of with a team. It’s interesting to go through a longer presentation by yourself. Also, I was interested in the fact that it was confirmed for me that different consulting firms have different styles and different cultures. There is a clear difference between the firms that really operate globally versus the ones that operate as separate units around the world.”

According to TMCA President Mahesh Deshpande (MBA ’15), the event had two goals: “The purpose of the consulting day was to, firstly, provide a platform for students to interact with T-Bird alumni. The virtual panel discussion allowed students to ask questions related to the career in consulting to several alumni connected from various parts of the world through Adobe Connect. The networking event at the Pub provided students an opportunity to interact with local consulting companies in Phoenix.”

“The second purpose was to expose students to some of the hot topics being discussed in the consulting world. Roland S., a T-Bird alumnus from McKinsey London, gave a talk on digital disruption while Sheila Keitel, Director Talent Development at Goodwill Arizona, provided an inspirational talk on change management leadership.”

One comment that resonated throughout the audience during Ms. Keitel’s session was, “Walk along with your client to see what they see and then help them to see what you see.”


All photos courtesy of Sunil Joy.

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