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T-Birds Brand Themselves for Success

By: Candice Sparkes, Guest Writer

Joy Lubeck
Joy Lubeck

Tuesday, April 28, and Thursday, April 30, during dead-hour, the PCAs of the Career Management Center along with the Thunderbird Society for Human Resource Management Student Chapter hosted two 45-minute workshops presented by T-Bird alumna Joy C. Lubeck (MBA ’86) and Michael S. Seaver (MBA ’10). Lubeck, who is principal at The Lubeck Group, presented “Believing in Your Brand”, a workshop that provided insight on techniques to improve elevator pitches and ease the anxiety associated with networking. The following session, “Demonstrating Your Brand”, presented by personal branding expert Seaver, aimed to help T-Birds develop networking skills, create social capital, and invest their efforts in building long-term genuine relationships.

These workshops proved to be a safe haven for students to voice their concerns and express their anxieties. They realized these fears were common and not unusual.

Michael Seaver
Michael Seaver

Lubeck highlighted the importance of knowing your values and your key accomplishments and weaving them in the conversations with alumni or colleagues. Seaver focused on how to ensure that the brand “YOU” is being presented in the right way. Ways to start a conversation, asking the right questions and build rapport quickly through 1) LinkedIn 2) informational interview 3) career fair and 4) local chapter alumni events/social events.

Students who attended one of the workshops were invited to a networking event held Thursday in the pub where they were able to get one on one time with Lubeck and area professionals while snacking on appetizers provided by the CMC and the Thunderbird Marketing Association.



Please find a link to Michael Seaver’s presentation as well as videos and suggested readings. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Thunderbird SHRM leadership team and or one of the PCA’s.

  1. 1. What color is your Brand https://youtu.be/XDohoPavchc
  2. Michael’s LinkedIn Video
  3. Susan Cain, “Quiet”
  4. 4. Alex Wissner Gross- TED Talk https://www.ted.com/talks/alex_wissner_gross_a_new_equation_for_intelligence?language=en
  5. 5. Michael’s PowerPointhttp://my.thunderbird.edu/files/content/149582/Thunderbird-DemonstratingYourBrand-4.23.15.pdf

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