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Internship at Delphi

by Sindhuja Kodivalasa, Staff Writer

Summer is an interesting time of the year where most students are busy with their internships. While many t-birds are doing internships in various companies, I had an opportunity to talk to some of our students who are doing their internship at Delphi. I also had a conversation with the CMC regarding our relationship with Delphi.

Delphi LogoMs. Dodie Busch, was very pleased with Delphi’s relationship with Thunderbird over the years. She quoted, “Our experience with Delphi has been very positive.  They have also been very impressed with the assistance from our CMC. They have returned several times to the campus for the recruitment process.”

Delphi HeadquartersDelphi has been coming to the campus for almost four years now. They have made it a point to keep the alumni involved in the recruitment process. This has encouraged students to participate in the information sessions where the alumni shared their experience at Delphi with their fellow T-birds. There have been several students in the past who were not aware of these Delphi prospective. This informational sessions and interaction with the alumni have encouraged them to join Delphi. Mr. Wade Sutton who is at present doing a full time job at Delphi is one such example.

Ms. Busch pointed out that though the number of recruits may not have been huge, they have taken at least one student who was fit, every time they come to the campus. Over the years, Delphi has majorly recruited Thunderbirds for HR and Finance Exceptionally, this year they have taken not one but three students – Ms. Isha Rao, Mr. Roy Shemesh and Mr. Michael Robbinson.

courtesy Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson
courtesy Roy Shemesh
Roy Shemesh

When I talked to these students, they were very happy with their learning experience. During most of the initial part of the training they learnt about the departments, products offerings and customer groups in Delphi. They have also been closely working with the top management which has been a wonderful experience in itself. Both Ms. Rao and Mr. Shemesh mentioned that they are involved in several financial activities like budget forecast and monitoring the revenues. They also mentioned that both of them are part of the team that is working on a Merger and Acquisition project and that is more in lines with the business and strategy side of Delphi.

Isha Rao

Being international student, Ms. Rao says that the work place is very similar to her previous job in Mumbai, India. But the work culture is different. She says that she is very pleased with the timings as the day starts much earlier and everyone has the independence (more or less) to work as per their suited timings. She quoted, “I love this as I can start my office day at 7am and be done by 3:30-4 pm. This is gives me a lot of spare time in the evenings.”

Talking about their personal experience, they shared that they had Excellence Week in office last week to celebrate amongst the employees. This was a fun-filled week with various games, activities and lectures for the employees. Ms. Rao said, “This was a great experience as I connected with many of my colleagues during this week. I participated in the Ping-Pong competition and it was fun. This was a stress buster that most of us were in need of. Overall the entire week was very interesting and lively.”

Our fellow Thunderbirds are having a great experience at Delphi. They are working on the motto “Keep giving your best in your job and keep doing so until you outgrow your job”. Wishing them all the best in their endeavours and efforts to turn this internship into a full-time job.

Hopefully, Delphi comes to our career fair this year as well, and give many more T-birds this kind of opportunity. Ms. Busch stated that the companies list is not yet finalized for the fair, but she is positive that Delphi will be a part of the event this year.

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