Regional Night: The Silk Road

By Chaitra Somasundar, Staff Writer

The first Regional Night of the Spring 2016 semester was held on Saturday, February 20. T-birds and guests walked into the TEC to witness and experience foreign cuisines, music, dances and plays. After an extravagant dinner, performances were hosted by Gabrielle Gueye (MAGAM ’17, US) and Harry Gkornean (MGM ’16, Liberia), who were the MCs for the night.

One of the performances by the MENA Club photo courtesy of Fatima Heravy)
One of the performances by the MENA Club (photo courtesy of Fatima Heravy)

The first performance of the night featured Thunderbird undergraduates taking their Bachelor’s in Global Management (BGM) who enacted a play emphasizing the need for an acceptance of diversity in today’s world. Up next were a #Tbirdlife skit, regional song, penguin dance and belly dance performed by the Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA). A wonderful Chinese classical dance, Japanese and Korean pop dances and an Economic Monster drama by the China and East Asia Club followed. The finale was performed by the Indian Sub Continent Club, featuring a story of two lovers in true Bollywood style. “This was one of the best regional nights I have attended. It was a fun and memorable night! A chance to represent my culture and experience others’,” said Faduma-Dhool Mohamed (MA ’17, Kenya).

Multi-cuisine dinner (photo courtesy of Bahar Heravy)
Multi-cuisine dinner (photo courtesy of Bahar Heravy)

I spoke to Swati Ranjan (MGM ’16, India), Student Activities Chair, and Sanghita Dey (MGM ’16, India), Events Planning Chair, regarding the work that went into organizing the event. Though there are fewer students on campus and setting up   performances was a little more difficult, the line-up was as good as always. With the Night of the Open Door being held the same day prior to the Regional Night, many club members performed for both of the events. “The biggest challenge was the uncounted people that turned up from Night of the Open Door for dinner,” Swati said. Extra food was ordered and “in the end, we were able accommodate everyone, and we even had people coming after the regional night to ask for the contacts of the restaurants that catered!” exclaimed Swati. In spite of these challenges, the students were able to put together a great show.

TBirds after the finale photo courtesy of Fatima Heravy)
TBirds after the finale (photo courtesy of Fatima Heravy)

For many students, this was an emotional journey, since it was the last Regional Night they would be a part of before graduating. “For me, Regional Night is one of the most awaited events of the semester. I will miss all the brainstorming, practice sessions, discussions and choreography that goes into the Regional Night. I tried to dance for as many Bollywood songs as I could, and I will always cherish this event,” said Kaladhar Rachabathuni (MBA ’16, India). Besides, the post-performance parties are some the best gatherings at the Pub. I certainly look forward to having this event again the next semester. Like the saying goes, “The best things in life are people we love, the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made along the way.”

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